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Prevo Custom Interiors

A name is given a reputation is earned.  We have earned that reputation.  We were founded
on March 21, 2001.  Since then we have built our reputation with many Homeowners and
and Builders across the valley and as far as the White Mountains.  We currently hold a B2 Residential along with a B2 Commercial License.  We are Licensed, Bonded and Insured. 
Jim Prevo (founder) has over 45 years of practical field experience and to this day, he doesn't have a problem with getting his hands dirty and join the guys working.

His first custom home was built in 1974 in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Jim has a great eye for ideas and can visually see what you are dreaming of and/or looking to create.  He has a wide range of background construction consisting of custom homes, remolding, custom drywall applications for top builders in the valley.  Jim is also involved in real estate acquisitions for the purpose of resale along with construction development projects.

If you want someone with a strong reputation, gets the job done, and brings homeowners to his level of understanding, please contact us to discuss your ideas and your dreams.

Thank You