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White Mountain Lake Home:

White Mt. Lakes is centrally located between the town of Show Low and Taylor,
Arizona.  This location is perfect to have both big city amenities along with a rule
living experience.  Show Low has a wide range of amenities from dinning and entertainment to great shopping.  Just a short distance away is, the White Mountains, with great skiing and a gaming facility along with beautiful mountain scenery.  White Mt. Lakes is a small private community with local dining, a golf course and a private lake with a boat ramp, and a dock for fishing.  Itís a great place to raise a family, have a summer retreat, or even live out the golden years.  Taylor, Arizona is an up and coming town.  Several large commercial projects are underway with room to grow.  The White Mt. Lake community meets a wide range of needs for all different types of people.  Come see this great home and let it be yours.


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